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Podcast Ebullición: Can bacteria inspire alternative forms of communication in social protest?


Podcast Ebullición

Language: Spanish

By: Yorley Ruiz

In this episode we talk with Colombian new media artist Natalia Rivera, from the art and science collective Mutante (@mutantelab). In this opportunity she talks about the creation process, together with Taiwanese artist Jung Hsu, of the electronic artwork based on the way bacteria communicate and organize themselves by creating biofilms. This idea won the Prix Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.

For more details, which complement this episode, about what this work is, you can read this journalistic article written by the director of this podcast What social protest can learn from the organization of bacteria | EL ESPECTADOR

Direction and production: Yorley Ruiz M.

Graphic design: Jose Eljach

Photography and video recording: Javier Gámez

Find us on Instagram as @ebullición_ciencia

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