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Resist Like Bacteria Encounter - Transmediale 2023 Vorspiel

February 4th 2023

14:00 to 16:00

Design Transfer at UdK Berlin University of the Arts

Einsteinufer 43

Part of:

Present Im/Possibilities Exhibition

By New Media Class at Design Transfer UdK

Transmediale 2023



About the Workshop

This project opens a non-disciplinary conversation between activists, biologists, hacker communities, artists and everyone interested in co-creating other possible future communication systems. Besides the umbrella-antenna as a tool, the question and the processes around autonomous communication networks are still open for us. Together with those joining the conversation, the community continues developing the possibilities for p2p, encrypted, decentralized and federated communication technologies, creating a biofilm itself that amplifies and enhances the connection of diverse communities worldwide.


Safa Ghnaim (she/her) | Tactical Tech, Associate Program Director

Project Lead: Data Detox Kit, Digital Enquirer Kit, Digital You

Tactical Tech is a Berlin-based international non-profit organization founded in 2003 that critically explores the impacts of technology on societies–working alongside journalists, investigators, human rights defenders, civil society activists, researchers, and artists. Safa Ghnaim is Associate Program Director."

"Will everything be fine? Tactical Tech’s explorations into data business models and emerging technologies"


Juan Pablo García Sossa / JPGS (*Bogotá, COL) is a Designer, Researcher and Artist fascinated by the clash between emerging technologies and grass-root popular culture in tropical territories. His practice explores the development of cultures, visions, realities and worlds through the remix and reappropriation of technologies from a Tropikós perspective (Tropics as Region and Mindset). JPGS has been part of diverse research institutions and design studios and currently is a design research member at SAVVY Contemporary’s Design Department in Berlin and Co-Director of Estación Terrena a space for Arts, Research and Technologies in Bogotá. JPGS is a 2020 Fellow at EYEBEAM, where he initiated Futura Trōpica Netroots an InterTropical Net of Grass-Root Local Networks connecting communities and nets of support and affection in ecologies within the Tropical Belt. In 2022 JPGS developed the curatorial research & netting project Magical Hackerism or The Elasticity of Resilience at SAVVY Contemporary Berlin.

The Netting Group is a research / flowing group of InterTropical practitioners performed within Futura Trōpica, an InterTropical Net of Grass-Root Local Networks. For several months during 2022 the Netting Group gathered together Immy Mali, Czar Kristoff, Neema Githere, Alejo Duque, Sahej Rahal, Morehshin Allahyari and Juan Pablo García Sossa for the collective envisioning of technologies, nets and protocols from a Tropikós perspective.

Ways of Netting: An InterTropical Archipelago of Worlds

When receiving a Nobel Prize for Literature, Gabriel García-Márquez pronounced a discurse called The Solitude of Latin America: he would describe that we haven’t found the means yet to render our lives believable. But one could say it isn’t only Latin America, it could easily be the Solitude of the African Continent or South Asia, South East Asia or the Pacific. The Tropics are regions that have been historically exploited, undervalued and (over-)exoticed. There’s a need to redefine it in endotic ways so it isn’t only a matter of ‘being-seen’ but rather ‘to-see-from’. Braiding together ecologies within the Tropical Belt represents an opportunity to break the binary thinking we live in and shift to more-than-binary permacomputing practices and consequently pluriversal understandings of the planet. JPGS will share experiences and practices performed within Futura Trōpica and their research Netting Group.


Jung Hsu l

Jung Hsu, is a student of new media class in UdK, also a researcher and new media artist based in Berlin. She attempts to combine interdisciplinary knowledge with artistic research to create heterogeneous encounters. In her process, she responds to the current social situation with multiple perspectives and uses metaphorical objects to create a speculative scenario.


Natalia Rivera | and Mutante (Bogotá)

Natalia Rivera, artist of emergent-media currently exploring the possibilities of digital technologies as inter living-entities mutual aid media. In the context of indeterminate/queer knowledge creation, their processes are indisciplinary, open, collective, collaborative and communitarian, through the Mutante laboratory (Bogotá) and the global Suratómica Network for creation - art and science.



Luiz Zanotello


Instagram: @luizzanotello


Luiz Zanotello (*1986, Jundiaí, BR) is a media artist, researcher and educator. His work unfolds through the transmediation of text, the activation of matter, and the reapropriation of emerging technologies. In his recent artistic research practice and teaching activities, he inquires on tropes of time, space, and affect within a postcolonial and postdigital condition. He is currently an Assistant Professor for New Media at the Berlin University of the Arts (DE), as well as a PhD Candidate, Research Fellow and Guest Lecturer in Artistic Research at the University of the Arts Bremen (DE) in partnership with the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (Leiden University) and the Royal Academy of Art (NL).


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