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As an ongoing open project, has had diverse versions generated in different co-creation workshops. The initial prototype that we created at the New Media Class was based in the WIFI umbrella-antenna created by Andrew McNeil. Later on, at the beginning of 2022 in collaboration with Mutante, an art and science community from Bogotá, we developed a version of the network using a Piratebox, an open project of hacked routers, as an autonomous server that was also tested and adapted in the second co-creation workshop in an anarchist bookfair in Bogotá called La Furia. More recently, in collaboration with the Medienhaus/ project, we have built a prototype with Raspberry Pi’s as servers and repeaters, with a chat platform based on Matrix and the user interface based in Cinny. 

Here you can find those resources. 

Co-creation workshop with Mutante_Bogotá.jpeg
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